What is KOLBEX?

KOLBEX is a pre-fabricated structure which can be easily assembled when needed. KOLBEX is readily installed and transported, and thus it can be considered as an alternative to other pre- fabricated structures. KOLBEX is designed and engineered by ALUSYS research and development unit consisting of Ph.D. and M.Sc Graduates from Tehran’s prestigious universities. KOLBEX is made of aluminum, a very durable and lightweight metal, enabling to provide a 10-year warranty for its inexhaustibility. Since aluminum is moldable and colorable, KOLBEX is available in diverse designs, colors, shapes, and dimensions for different applications. Due to the above mentioned features (i.e. lightness, high transportability, and durability), use of KOLBEX under critical conditions is not an option but a necessity.

General specifications

Kolbex properties