Vehicle parapets are installed at the edge of bridges or elevated roads, to prevent astray cars go out of road and guide them safely back to the road. Our product is a modular design consisting horizontal aluminium railings installed on aluminium posts. The system provides a barrier with a height of 1070 millimeters and is designed to contain vehicles which weigh up to 8 tons. This system is suitable for highways with the speed limit of 110 km/h.
The system is certified to both European (EN1317) and American (AASHTO 17-th Edition) standards. Aluminium design of the system provides high resistance to corrosion. Corrosion resistant impervious oxide layer formed over aluminium surfaces eliminates the need for periodic coloring and maintenance therefore the system has nearly unlimited life and less overall costs. Moreover, the system is more aesthetically appealing compared to steel and concrete parapets.
In the design of this system all the fabrication details such as expansion joints, installation on curved or inclined roads, connection to substructure, galvanic corrosion, … are considered.