Composite Facade

what is composite facade?

Composites are a unique class of materials that are composed of two or more separate materials. The resulting material is stronger and more durable than any of the components. Today, Composite facade are popular in Iran and Middle east. Aluminum composite sheets consist of three layers, including two layers of aluminum sheet and one layer of polyethylene material. The outer layer has an epoxy resin primer and a PVDF layer to stabilize the paint. The surface of the composite sheet is protected with a layer of film. The advantages of composites include excellent color variety, stability and long life in the face of various weather conditions, easy maintenance, the possibility of machining, bending and drilling on it and the implementation of very complex surfaces.

advantages of composite facade

  • light weight
  • High safety and non-separation from the facade in the long run
  • High mechanical strength
  • Approved material for the facade of tall buildings such as the Burj Khalifa, the tallest tower in the world
  • Fire resistant
  • High safety against earthquakes, wind, rain and other atmospheric factors
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Long service life and no deformation and erosion over time
  • Ability to use nanotechnology sheets with the ability to clean themselves with rainwater and eliminate the cost of washing in tall buildings
  • Fast execution
  • Smooth surface and uniform color
  • Variety of colors and the possibility of choosing different designs on the sheets
  • Very high variety in design and the possibility of creative implementation in facade design and sheet ductility according to the proposed designs
  • Execution of perfect and beautiful curves in the building in such a way that no other material like them can create smooth and perfect curves
  • Ability to engrave designs or logos as well as cut and engrave designs on sheets with laser engraving machine and CNC 16
  • Suitable thermal insulation
  • Sound insulation (about 25 dB)
  • High efficiency due to high flexibility and lightness in reconstruction projects
  • There is no need to use materials such as cement and soil in the implementation. There is also no dust and noise pollution during the implementation of this product.
  • Ability to implement at any stage of construction after the execution of the skeleton and from the stage of wall construction to the completion of the project
  • Ability to install air conditioning, plumbing and electrical installations and even hidden light under the composite facade panels
  • Also, you can easily replace and delete the executed panels
  • Composite facade in Iran and Middle east is popular with affordable price

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