Hidden vent window

what is hidden vent window?

The hidden vent principle ties in well with the minimalist architectural style. The vent profile is invisible from the outside, concealed behind the outer frame, which keeps the lining to a minimum. This ensures an absolutely homogeneous appearance, and offers plenty of design freedom. All usual fittings such as side hung, turn-and-tilt and tilt fitting. hidden vents windows and door in Iran and middle east Has recently received attention.

In the modern shutter hinge in the modern aluminum window system, there is a special hole that is connected directly to the thermal break area of the window. The result is a system that, in addition to a very thin frame without grooves from the outside, also has good thermal insulation. Correcting the ratio of frame level to glass surface in these windows improves the U-value and increases the light entering the building and a wider view.

ALUSYS: hidden vent window manufacturer in Iran and the Middle East(Some implemented projects)