Ceramic Facade

what is Ceramic Facade?

Ceramics used in building facades are made from a combination of natural materials such as clay, feldspar and silica and baked at high temperatures. A special type of these ceramics is called porcelain, which is produced at a higher temperature (1400 degrees Celsius). Today, the use of porcelain Ceramic facade in Iran and Middle east in the construction industry has developed a lot. Porcelain ceramics are produced in two types, glazed and unglazed. The unique feature of ceramics in the facade of the building is very low water absorption (below 1%) and high resistance to rain and frost.

ceramic facade advantages

Ceramic facade has long been a popular choice among the people. This facade is one of the best ways to enhance the appearance of your building. Ceramic facades are in great demand because they are very diverse and have exceptional properties. Here are some of the main advantages of this facade.

High durability

High durability is one of the most important advantages of this type of facade. Therefore, using them means that you do not need to change them over time. This facade is very resistant to weather conditions and is not easily damaged. They can last for many years without any wear and tear. They are also not affected by rain or pollution. In addition, they have good resistance to harmful UV rays. So they can be an ideal option for your building.

Updated appearance

When you want to give a new look to your old building, ceramic facade is the best option. Also, if you want to give your home a traditional look, this facade can naturally enhance its traditional beauty.

easy maintenance

Most homeowners are concerned about long-term maintenance costs. But when you choose these views, you can save even more. Because ceramics require very little maintenance, you can save time, effort as well as money. Ceramic tiles are usually not stained and you can easily clean them and keep them for a few more years.


These facades are also exceptional insulators that can give you more benefits. Ceramics with good thermal insulation properties can help you reduce heat. Therefore, this feature helps maintain the desired temperature in your home. Ceramic facades are also a good solution for sound insulation. Accordingly, by reducing noise in the house, it prevents unwanted disturbance of neighbors.


Ceramics are made of completely natural materials, so they are safe even for the environment. They can be easily recycled so they help reduce carbon footprint in the environment. By implementing a ceramic facade, you can increase your share in creating a clean and green environment.

affordable facade

Ceramic facade in Iran and Middle east are an affordable option for your home. They are easily accessible and cost much less than other facade options. In addition, you can use this option in different types in terms of size, texture and color.


Despite the long list of benefits, using a ceramic facade is essential for your home. If you want to redesign your old building or improve the look of your current building, this is one of the best options available. At Alusys we have a wide range of ceramic facade solutions that are ideal for residential and commercial use. If you want to have more information in this area, you can contact our experts.

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