Aluminium Louver Facade

What is Aluminium Louver Facade?

Louver has been an important part of architecture since the Dark Ages. People have used louver systems to build their homes to protect themselves from the sun. Aluminum louvers are shutters that have horizontal boards that can be placed at different angles to shade from sunlight. At present, we mainly install aluminum louvers for decorative and architectural purposes. Modern louver systems are made of metals such as stainless steel, titanium and aluminum. Of course, sometimes louvers are also made of glass or copper. Aluminium Louver Facade in Iran and middle east is popular.

louver systems are also used on doors, closets and ceilings. The use of louvers indoors is often for shading, ventilation or just decoration. However, the presence of a canopy system in the exterior of the building, without restricting the view from the outside, can dramatically reduce the direct sunlight on the glass and the facade and its strong reflection in the eyes of observers. This system simultaneously combines with other types of building facades, to achieve sufficient light inside the building.

Aluminum louver facade reduces the effect of sunlight by up to 80% and reduces energy consumption by up to 30%. Also, this system can be both fixed and capable of moving electrically or mechanically. On the other hand, its decorative appearance in various dimensions and types, and its all-aluminum fittings and accessories will play a significant role in the beauty of the building facade. louver are usually square, rectangular or spindle-shaped and mounted on aluminum substructure with aluminum corners. Aluminum louvers can be built to control the sun or to control the temperature of buildings. Many architects also choose louver to decorate their design.

Advantages of using aluminum in louver facade

The use of aluminum has many advantages over other heavy metals. These benefits are especially useful when designing buildings.

light weight

Aluminum is a light metal that weighs about one-third the weight of steel (7.2 grams per cubic centimeter). When designing a building facade, aluminum will save significant costs due to its easy installation compared to heavier metals such as steel.

Corrosion resistant

Aluminum has a protective oxide coating that naturally protects against corrosion. This is a great advantage for any building. If you want to design a building that will last for decades, aluminum louvers are a good option.


Aluminum is a very flexible metal and melts easily. Aluminum louvers can always be changed according to the designer.

Easy recycling

Aluminum louvers and aluminum itself are easily recyclable without compromising quality. Recycling aluminum takes up only 5% of the energy needed to produce it.

At Alusys, we have a wide range of aluminum Louver-based solutions that are ideal for residential and commercial use. If you want to have more information about aluminium Louver Facade in Iran and middle east, you can contact our experts.

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