Aluwood window

what is aluwood window?

The term “aluwood” is used to describe Aluminium Wood windows & doors. The aluwood systems are the result of modern design which elegantly combines the top quality of aluminium with the leading aesthetic style of wood. The connection of aluminium and wood is achieved with special clips which allow air circulation for avoiding corrosion from water condensation. In aluwood systems, poly amide is used for increased thermal insulation. aluwood window in iran and middle east is popular.
The aluminium exterior has demonstrated its strength and durability on products for more than 20 years giving total climate protection. The interior of the window consists of handsome and solid wood which is effectively shielded from the ravages of wind and weather. The result is – highly efficient, contemporary and long-life windows and doors.

Due to advanced and special production technology, aluwood profiles have a high price and are used for luxury buildings. aluwood windows are a combination of thermal break or normal aluminum windows with wood veneer. These windows are very resistant to water, heat, light and humidity. aluwood windows and doors, as different products in the production of doors and windows, create a good sense of nature and a beautiful view inside the house, and in addition, provide the strength and longevity of a window in the exterior of the building.

ALUSYS: aluwood window manufacturer in Iran and the Middle East(Some implemented projects)