Trunking and Accessories

Trunking is closed case which is used in order to transfer and organize the normal and emergency power cables, computer networks and low current systems such as telephone, intercom, multimedia systems, fire alarm, and hospital facilities.
Fast and easy installation, appearance, cheapness, portability and capability to add user and segment are the most important feature of this product.
Legrand Company is the most famous and popular producer of Trunking and accessories that is active in power accessories for many years and is one of the well-known brands in Iran.
Alusys Company is the first producer of Aluminum Trunkings in Iran which produces and offers its own Trunkings according to Legrand standards.

Alusys Trunking’s Types

105 Trunking

This Trunking is suitable for small and mid-size offices with average cables volume.

150 Trunking

This Trunking is suitable for mid-size and large offices with high cables volume.

Trunking 105:

Material: Aluminum
Color: Electrostatic Powder
Height: 105 mm
Depth: 50 mm
Length: 6000 mm

Trunking 150:

Material: Aluminum
Color: Electrostatic Powder
Height: 150 mm
Depth: 50 mm
Length: 6000 mm

ترانکینگ آلوسیز

50*105 mm Trunking Capacity

Cable Type Capacity
Cat 6 UTP 8 String Cable
Cat 6 FTP 85 String Cable
1.5*3 Cable 38 String Cable
2.5*3 Cable 28 String Cable

50*150 mm Trunking Capacity

Cable Type Capacity
Cat 6 UTP 128 String Cable
Cat 6 FTP 128 String Cable
1.5*3 Cable 57 String Cable
2.5*3 Cable 42 String Cable

ترانکینگ آلوسیز

Alusys Aluminum Trunking Advantages

  1. Standard: Capability of immediate installation to all Legrand Trunking types in Iran
  2. High Durability: high durable and non-deformable parts (in the opposite of PVC Trunkings)
  3. Electrical insulated: Validate by creditable laboratories
  4. Good look: Suitable for luxury spaces, houses, organization, and trading centers
  5. Color variety: Electrostatic Powder and anodized coating capability in diverse architectural situations
  6. Convenient Maintenance: Easy repair and replacement of its parts in the shortest time
  7. Installation Capability on Curved Surfaces: High formability without any shrinkage and crack
  8. Low Expense: High durability of aluminum Trunkings in comparison with PVC Trunkings and also easy repair and maintenance capability recovers the first investment. On the other hand, Alusys Aluminum Trunking is one fifth cheaper than foreign samples.