(Aluminium Window): Everything you need to know

Effective factors in the design of aluminum windows

There are several factors that affect the design of aluminum windows. The first is the design of the window frame design. Most quality aluminum windows are compatible with different types of woodwork. So, if you are looking for a flat and modern frame or even something close to wooden or steel windows, the design of aluminum windows will best meet your needs. It is also the type of frame design that often determines the type of aluminum window you have.

What is the size of the aluminum window you want? How many fixed or opening parts are needed? Are you looking to preserve the appearance of the main windows of your building or are you looking to change the look of the property with something more modern? The good news is that the design of aluminum windows is almost unlimited. Only a few factors affect the choice of type of aluminum windows:

  • Technical, structural, security or safety reasons
  • Impact on size based on minimum or maximum tolerance
  • Restrictions on handling or transportation

Also, compared to wooden or UPVC windows, aluminum gives you both smaller and larger windows, larger glass sizes and narrower frames. Alusys is aluminium window manufacturer in Iran and the Middle East

Characteristics of aluminum windows

  • They have a classic style that is suitable for any type of architectural layout
  • They are completely sealed around the frame. This minimizes dust, sediment and water penetration
  • These windows are available in different sizes and styles with accessories
  • They are available in a wide range of colors, from black to light and dark colors and even wood designs
  • It has value even after the end of its useful life due to its materials
  • It is resistant to sunlight and heat
Aluminium window

Which type of aluminum window is right for you?

The answer to this question is simple. Almost all current aluminum windows use almost the same quality and type of aluminum. Aluminum profiles have been using the old English, European and other old standards in terms of thickness, quality and type of windows for many years.

Aluminum grade in modern windows is usually 6063 alloy. This grade offers all the necessary features for machining, corrosion resistance, heat treatment, painting and other suitable features for windows and doors that we buy for homes, factories and commercial buildings.

The best type of aluminum that is suitable for windows is thermal insulation profiles, which usually use polyamide thermal break. This is the latest generation of profiles that create a thermal bridge between the exterior and interior. Another advantage of thermal break windows using polyamide is that it allows you to easily create windows with different frame colors inside and outside the building.

Types of aluminum window openings

Most people expect their windows to open and close. In general, there are several designs of aluminum windows based on the method of opening. Here are some different ways to open aluminum windows. However, keep in mind that not every aluminum window brand may offer you all of these options. If you follow a certain style of windows, you can contact us for information.

Open the bottom window to the outside

In bottom-opening windows, the hinges are on the left and right, and the window handle is at the bottom, and the window opens outwards. These windows are suitable when the glass is large and there are millions of splitting transformers. Therefore, bottom-opening windows can have larger sizes than side-opening windows. This type of window has two possible drawbacks. One is that it does not fit easily on the kitchen sink because it is difficult to reach the handle. Another is that these windows on the ground floor may be damaged by opening on people’s movement paths, which should limit the movement radius of the opening.

top hang out aluminium window

side opening window

side opening windows are the most popular type of window in traditional and modern designs. In this type of window, the hinges are located vertically next to the window and the handle in front of it. The advantage of these windows is their high flexibility and safety. It is also possible to clean the exterior glass from inside the room.

The disadvantage of this window is its limited size. Most of these types of windows can only be about 600 mm wide in standard mode. Also, their height is often limited.

side opening window

Tilt and Turn window

One of the most flexible and convenient windows are tilt and turn windows. They work with a multi-purpose handle and have two modes for opening. The first case is that the window is tilted inwards from the bottom for ventilation. Then, by closing the window and turning the handle in the opposite direction of the whole opening, it rotates into the room and acts like a window from the side of the opening.

The first advantage of a tilt and turn window is the possibility of cleaning the exterior glass from the inside. Another is that they open more than the windows that open from the bottom out. They are also a good option for windows leading to a flat roof. However, due to the more expensive fittings, the tilt and turn window will cost more than the previous two.

sliding window

Another common type is the sliding window in which the opening moves on the rails. For more information, you can refer to the sliding window article.

top to the inside opening window

The use of these windows in a residential building is quite limited because they do not provide adequate ventilation. However, if you have a very small bathroom, or a temporary room such as a warehouse, it may be worth considering.

Modern types of windows

The above were different types of windows that were more common. But today there are also more modern aluminium windows in Iran and middle east. List below the titles of these windows. You can read about them by clicking on their names:

How to choose the most suitable type of window?

Choosing the right window with affordable price depends on the type of building you have, whether you intend to replace existing windows or need new windows for a new construction project.

  • As far as possible, check the brands of aluminum window manufacturers to get acquainted with the types of windows available in the market of your residential area.
  • Check for safety issues such as the possibility of emergency exit of windows if necessary
  • While narrow windows are more beautiful, they may not provide the functionality you need
  • There are fewer options for designing interior aluminum windows
aluminium window

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