Folding window

what is folding window

The folding sliding system is very popular because of their practicality. Equally used both indoor and outdoor space. The folding doors (accordion type), are responding to the needs that mainly business spaces have. It takes little storage space while they may cover large areas. With single or double glazing can achieve sound and heat insulation when needed.

Systems of this type are ideal for covering large openings such as car showrooms, restaurants, entertaining areas, etc. They can be constructed with a large number of sheets, without particular commitments on dimensions, with smooth scrolling while occupying the minimum space with effect of extending the visual field to the a widening of the field to the surroundings. In this way they allow the interaction between the building and the external environment, which is converted into integral part of the building. The folding system offers high quality and aesthetics. With insulated and burglar resistant characteristics are ideal solutions.

advantage of folding window

• Easy to handle (locked) with one hand
• Durable surface finishing
• Can be selected higher level of sound insulation
• Select different colors for profile inside and outside (color coated or anodised surface)
• Rolling hinges can run on top or in the floor
• Ideal for covering large openings
• Last vent can be used as an entrance door
• Door in any sash
• Consumes minimum space, because it is a folding system, thus increasing the visual horizon.
• With special HI-FIN brushes.

ALUSYS: folding window manufacturer in Iran and the Middle East(Some implemented projects)