thermowood facade: Everything we need to know

what is thermowood facade?

Thermowood facade, which is also incorrectly called termowood, is one of the types of building facades. Thermowood as a shell or covering of the building, in addition to the aesthetic and eye-catching aspect, can act as a protection against factors such as cold, heat and humidity and stabilize the heat inside. Also, the beauty of the designs, the variety of colors, the warmth and comfort that seeing wooden objects and structures give to human beings, and the originality and sense of antiquity that wooden facades create are not achieved with stone, metal, brick and similar materials. Thermowood facade  in Iran and the Middle East is common.

Thermowood woods due to the process they go through during the treatment have properties that make them the best choice for exterior and interior wood facades. Therefore, these features make the wooden facade made of thermowood, in addition to the appearance of beauty and uniformity and pleasant purity of color, due to the stability of dimensions and low moisture content, have a longer shelf life and retain their shape. Also, high resistance to biological agents increases the life of these views.

Thermowood facade advantage

There are many benefits to using thermowood, some of which are outlined below.


The low moisture content of the wood (approximately 4-7%) and the sealant used mean that thermowoods retain their shape much better than plain wood.

Lack of resin

As the wood dries, the resin is removed, so even when the wood is exposed to high temperatures, the wood does not secrete resin.

Resistant to climate change

Thermowood works well in different environments and works well in different conditions in terms of temperature and humidity and maintains its condition.

Toxic free

The wood is dried using heat and steam and no chemicals are used in the thermal process.

Thermal insulation

Experiments show that the thermal conductivity of thermowood is reduced by 20 to 25 percent compared to other simple woods.

Does thermowood need to be painted?

The question that often arises for people is whether thermowood should be painted? Doesn’t painting hurt it? Yes, thermowood should be painted as well. There are generally two main reasons for this (thermowood painting):

  1. Creating visual beauty: By painting thermowood, you can meet the tastes of different people and give a beautiful effect. There is also the ability to adapt to interior and exterior decoration.
  2. Reinforcement: Painting makes thermo wood resistant to the sun’s UV rays and moisture penetration. If not painted, thermowood pigments will fade over time due to sunlight and the wood will turn silver and gray, which is not visually appropriate. Also, if painted, it fills the holes in the wood and prevents moisture from penetrating. In addition, it prevents fungi and mold from growing in the wood cavities and does not damage the wood.

Thermowood price

Here at Alusys, our mission is to introduce and offer you the most suitable options with the best quality. For many years, we have focused on the building facade industry, and during this time, we have designed and installed various types of thermowood facade in Iran and middle east. A common question we are asked is how much does a thermowood facade cost?

At Alusys we have a wide range of thermowood options. In addition, our interior design team can produce custom solutions for any building. Alusys has a good reputation for the highest quality products and services to your satisfaction. The implementation costs of these systems vary depending on the type of structure, location, type of profile, size, model of glass used. Based on this, you can contact us to estimate the cost and consult with our experts.

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