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Lift and Slide

Window s and doors aluminum systems are the shield of the building and the first aspect forming of the aesthetics and the design of it.
One of the great advantages of aluminum systems is the significant contribution to the energy efficiency of the home or the business workplace. Depending on their location in the building and the heat-transfer coefficient of the energy glazing, the installation of which is necessary, can be calculated with great precision, sound and energy characteristics of openings.
The collections of aluminum systems are available in a variety of colors and designs, to combine perfect the aesthetic with the energy upgrade to facades but modern and restored, with historic and architectural value of buildings.
Aluminum’s properties, like taking any form and geometric shape (rectangular, arched, etc.), for hinged, sliding, reclining frames, with or without shutters combined with the know-how of Avantech and the investment potential of aluminum with other materials such as wood, make it perfect for every architectural style and technology.